How Do 2G Sealants Protect Surfaces?

The Solution

With just a single spray or roll-on application, 2G Protectants solutions are engineered to provide the first self-cleaning, Non-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), chemical resistant and waterproof protection against petroleum, deicing salts and repeated freeze and thaw cycles.

2G solutions will not alter the color or appearance of the applied substrate as it is water-based, Non-VOC and environmentally friendly. Exposure to our solutions is safe for humans, animals and all vegetation.

The Process

2G Protectants’ globally patented formulations provide three active processes for all-weather concrete and masonry substrate protection; Hygroscopic, Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic.

Hygroscopic and Hydrophilic crystals penetrate deep into pores and microscopic cracks to seek out moisture. Under the influence of constant hydrostatic pressure, the crystallization process continues to fill-in gaps and block the migration of moisture. Upon contact with moisture the crystals expand to block the moisture yet allow evaporate.

The Hydrophobic process creates a non-slip moisture repellent layer that prevents penetration of moisture from entering the substrate.

Concrete Cross-Section: Water and chemicals seep into concrete pores and capillaries causing cracks and corrosion.

Concrete Cross-Section: 2G Protectants penetrate deep into concrete pores and capillaries preventing cracks and corrosion.

The Applications

2G Protectants can be affectively applied to many different types of surfaces, environments and a multitude of settings, including: commercial, residential, industrial, retail, transportation and municipal sites.

> Concrete Floors and Walls
> Industrial Plants and Park
> Foundations and Slabs
> Swimming Pools and Fountains
> Fuel Stops and Gas Stations
> Roadway and Railway Tunnels

> Staircases and Elevator Pits
> Parking Lots and Garages
> Driveways and Walkways
> Bridges and Overpasses
> Runways and Taxiways
> Warehouse Flooring

Our Technology

2G Protectants was founded in 2012 by a Swedish and American team of experts to develop and patent a Non-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) self-cleaning technology for the concrete and masonry market, capable of repelling liquid and protecting substrates’ structural integrity.

2G Protectants’ technology allows concrete and masonry to last longer by protecting substrates from the inside out. Harmful environmental elements such as water, chloride ion and alkali silica will not penetrate the substrate nor corrode the rebar and therefore maintains its’ structural integrity.

100% Organic
100% Eco-Friendly
100% Non-VOC

2G’s Concrete & Masonry (CM) solution provided long-term protection against water damage that were utimately seeking, with the added value of continual surface cleaning. Once we saw the test results and knowing the team behind the product, entrusting our $12MM investment to 2G was an easy decision.
Richard Rankin, Executive Vice President, FL GL Signature Homes, LLC.

Looking for a solution, we requested MV be applied with D.R. Horton on a test slab with a reading of 99% relative humidity using Wagnor’s Probe & Meter for ASTM F2170 testing. The slab was 45 days old, MV was applied and 48 hours later we performed an ASTM 21 bag test which remained on the slab beyond the expected test time (18 to 24 hours), I left it on for 10 days.

10 days later I could barely get the duct tape and the slab was bone dry under the plastic. Absolutely incredible results.

Richard Cormier, Regional Manager, FL Classic Floors by Ferrazzano
Availabile worldwide and all US STATES
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